A combination of latest technology and our specialized skills in this field will be used to develop an amazing software that will give a smile on every software user's face

Internet Of Things

Connecting Apps and objects for lifestyle management, health monitoring, tracking devices. We integrate seamless interfaces , sensor technology and physical detection into your apps.

Cross Platform Development

Promoting strategic code re-usability under agile methodology, we encourage cross platform technologies. We have adopted hybrid technology to reduce the client’s cost of app development.

Big Data

For the mounds of data available for app services and functionality, we have big data solutions that can go hand in hand with your apps.

Technologies services

Cloud Services

We know mobility and cloud complement each other. We have mastered connecting API layers between the two (MBaaS) so that your apps perform seamlessly with backend data, anywhere, everywhere.


Mobile app security is our priority, from timely patches that fight malware and hacks to the basics of physical security. Adhering to OWASP Top 10 security standards we have you covered.


We code your apps to be extensible, allowing them to gain traction, manage spikes in usage and add updates that accelerate performance when your apps are in the spotlight.

App Scalability

We code your apps not just to perform with stability but to adapt with scalability

Code Extensibility

For customized additions and upgrades for your applications.

Code Elasticity

Code that can be easily modified for patches and bug elimination.

Code Simplicity

Code that is easily readable and structured for comprehensibility.

Web Technologies we work with


For the latest in powerful UIs and seamless integration with native OS our development labs employ Node.js. Re-usable codes and easily accessible Java wrapper classes make it a hit choice with our developers.


For more powerful hybrid applications that can replicate all native functionality.


The industry favourite for web apps and hybrid development is a hit with the developers in house. Flexible, affordable, extensible. HTML5 apps delight our clients and developers alike.

Platforms we use

Unity 3D

For game development in native C# codes and as an alternative for native applications in iOS and Android.


For the most complicated Hybrid applications that imitate native like performance.


For mobile applications, in HTML, JS, Node.js and CSS. Cordova is open source and a favourite for Hybrid Apps.

Big Data and Databases

In Sync with Big Data Tools

Using file based and relational databases integrated with Hadoop and Hive for transaction and management.

Big Data Handling

Applications integrated with big data and cloud for more flexibility and agile performance.

Adopting the Latest DB

We work with the latest technology in data management,Integrating databases such as Mongo DB and my SQL.

Cloud Technology

Not just Cloud solutions but formidable cloud solutions to make your apps class apart:

Cloud infrastructure and services

Seasoned cloud expertize for the best in cloud solutions and services.

MBaaS Solutions for integrated services

APIs for social sharing security, SDK and Push notifications. In house experts in each domain

Cloud Data and Extraction

Coupled with our data handling solutions, cloud data for accelerated app performance.

App Security

We stress on app security to make the most dependable apps, you and your users can entrust them with critical information.

Adhering to Industry Specific Protocols

For all our apps in various categories we have industry specific compliance’s such as HIPAA for healthcare.

Binary Security

For all your mobile apps, be it iOS or Android.

Pre Deployment Tests

Rigorous testing in the pre deployment stage.